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On the Road to Phoenix – Day 1

On the Road to Phoenix – Day 1
August 30th, 2017

We’re on our way to Phoenix! We in this case being Frederick “Freddie” Armond, Heinrich “Fritzy Boy” Fritz, Jess, and myself. The first day was to be our longest drive, going from Hagerstown Maryland to Effingham Illinois, about 640 miles. Better to get the longest drive out of the way first, right?

Because there’s only so much you can say about driving all day, I’ve decided to break things down into a best and worst ranking system. Indiana didn’t fare too well in our rankings, most likely because their awful roads (spoiler alert) gave us a negative initial impression.

Best Scenery:
West Virginia
Worst Scenery:

Best Tunnel:
PA by Default
Worst Tunnel:
Indiana, because I’m sure it would have been awful if it existed

Best Billboard:
Indiana (a billboard advertising Mount Rushmore “Continue for 1120 miles and make a right!” it said)
Worst Billboard:
All others

Best Roads:
Illinois (until getting to Effingham)
Worst Roads:
Indiana and it’s not even close. I don’t think they know that you can actually repair damaged roads.

Best Welcome Sign:
Ohio! They welcomed us to their state and thanked us for visiting when we left
Worst Scenery:
Indiana. There wasn’t one

Best Dogs:
Freddie and Fritz
Worst Dogs:
The bitey ones


Our backup paper maps, just in case

leaving KOA

And we’re off!


Best tunnel, by default

travel friends

Road dogs


Farms are a rare sight on this drive. This was one of 1345 we saw.


The best place for a road nap


The end of driving on day one!

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