On the Road to Phoenix – Day Two

On the Road to Phoenix – Day Two
August 31st, 2017

Day two! The plan was to get from Effingham, Illinois to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, covering a bit over 592 miles. A bit shorter than day one, but still a lengthy chunk of road to cover and lots of driving to do. Other than a bit of a breeze trying to shove the RV into the other lane, the weather made for good driving and we saw an uneventful day of driving. On to the best and worst!

Best Scenery:
Oklahoma! Who knew?
Worst Scenery:
Missouri (too much of it)

Best Roads:
Missouri. Very well done, MoDOT
Worst Roads:
Oklahoma! They were doing well until we got outside of OK City, and then it was impressively bad.

Best Billboard:
Uranus Fudge. I never knew there were so many Uranus puns to be made.
Worst Billboard:
The one about beetles

Best On & Off Ramps:
Oklahoma! So smooth, so lengthy.
Worst On & Off Ramps:
Missouri. So short and so scary.

Best Driving Instructor:
Missouri. The lane departure warning grooves being right on the white line really keeps you in your lane.
Worst Driving Instructor:
Oklahoma? They were missing some.

Best Drivers:
Worst Drivers:
Missouri. Short off ramps + drivers without urgency = scary lane changes


The route for the day.

gateway to the west

An arch, and a river, and a city.


Oklahoma scenery.


Coming up on Tulsa.

couch dog

Couch dog has found his spot on the couch.


Chair dog has found his spot in the chair.

golden hour

Golden hour never fails to impress.

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