welcome to arizona

On the Road to Phoenix – Day Four

On the Road to Phoenix – Day Four
September 2nd, 2017

After three very long days of travel, we were both looking forward to what we hoped would be the shortest day of travel to that point. Thankfully that turned out to be the case, as we ended up spending only about 8.5 hours on the road from Albuquerque to Tuscon. Other than some gusty winds, the driving was smooth and simple, a relief for sure.

Best Sign:
The “Welcome to Arizona” sign. Such a great thing to see.
Worst Sign:
The “all traffic must exit” sign for border patrol inspection. We passed with flying colors.

Best Roads:
Arizona. The one iffy stretch came with a warning sign, which was appreciated.
Worst Roads:
New Mexico? None were too bad though.

Best Billboard:
The Thing. Even if it is gimmicky, you have to admire their dedication.
Worst Billboard:
The “don’t text and drive” billboards. I agree with the idea, but taking your eyes off the road to read a billboard about not taking your eyes off the road seems a little weird.

Best Gas Station:
The Shell in Wilcox. They had a dedicated RV pump…so much easier.
Worst Gas Station:
The one where we couldn’t even see the pumps. Was it even a gas station?

Best Change in Scenery:
Going from New Mexico to Arizona. New Mexico seems to generally be pretty drab looking.
Worst Change in Scenery:
Dropping down into Albuquerque.


A nice welcome to day four


A hill was an unwelcome sight to start our drive


But then we headed back downhill and all was well

dust storm warning sign

You know you’re headed into the desert when…

chair dog

Chair dog getting in a nap

desert train

Desert train

welcome to arizona

Best sign of the entire trip



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